Monday, September 20, 2010

Fibromyalgia & MSG/aspartame

Hi! I went on a hunt, thanks to a member of our Mishawaka Fibromyalgia Support Group, for a particular article on Aspartame and MSG. What I found literally came to me in an e-mail the same day from another Fibromyalgia sufferer in Three Oaks, Michigan. Connie Howard sent me a link to a article titled *The Dangers of MSG*. (Thank You, Connie!) This appeared on a four part news cast and is a REAL eye-opener.

We already know that those of us with Fibromyalgia are exceptionally sensitive to MSG and Aspartame and any kind of excitotoxin, but this spells out those specific dangers for us AND the general public- especially our children! Attention: those with Migraines, chronic headaches, Fibro Fog, ADD, ADHD, and even Alzheimer's!

I hope everyone will listen to each of the 4 parts of this series. It not only explains a number of other names this stuff goes by, it also tells how to buy products without it! Along with this very informative Youtube series (about 3 minutes each) if you look to the right hand column, you will also find info on soft drinks, and other articles on MSG.

As I said a REAL eye-opener! Here's the link!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fibromyalgia & Chiropractic

This month 's meeting featuured Dr. Kevin Hancock from Granger, IN
(contact info below). It never fails that each time I see him there is something more he can share. He lost 60 pounds which I noticed right away! So I promptly asked him how in the world he did it! But more on that later. This month he came to talk about Chiropractic and what it is he does in his practice - his mindset, as it were.

Many people think a Chiropractor merely lines up the spine and that's it. Au Contraire! Dr. Hancock is one of those dedicated Chiropractors who is there to help correct total body function - a whole body wellness approach - using a variety of adjuncts to his very effective Chiropractic Therapy.

He has numerous Fibromyalgia patients and is very well aware that each and every one has a whole different set of symptoms. He knows that each and every one requires different methods, means and modes for assistance. Most importantly, he understands that with each person, starting out slow and gentle is the way to go...working muscle, joint and spine with with a fine, slow touch to tolerance - just a little at a time. Then with each successive visit work up to a little more and more and so on.

Another very helpful method of pain relief he often adds for Fibromyalgia patients is Oxygen Therapy. This really helps oxygenate the blood, bringing much need help for pain in the muscles of the upper arms and sides of thighs. There has been research showing hypoxia in muscle tissue of those with Fibromyalgia. This Oxygen Therapy, where a nasal tube is worn while you are hand-pedalling a table cycle, enables the oxygen to be pumped throughout your body while you pedallling. This takes the oxygen right to where it's needed...EVERYWHERE! Muscles included!

Dr. Hancock also recommends other therapies if your particular case calls for it, such as nutritional advise, supplements, Oxygen Therapy, EFT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, methods of getting good sleep (ultra important for us!), Yoga or other methods of help.

Day to day stress in healthy people creates a menagerie of aches and pains. But for those of us with Fibromyalgia...well, we excell in the stress department! This is basically because a chonically ill body is chronically stressed! And so all of these methods of assistance which he may recommend, along with Chiropractic Therapy, is geared to help lower stress in our body, as well as learn how to manage outside stress it as it comes. In other words, helping the total body function.

But nothing happens until he does x-rays and provides an evaluation and assessment. He talks with you to find out about your past, chronic and immediate pains and any prescriptions or other treatments you are currently using. In other words he wants to know all about YOU, and what YOUR specific concerns are.

He informed us that, the body is a self-healing system, and the nervous system is what runs the program. Pain, illness and discomfort is the result of something interfering with the function of the nervous system. The objective of the Chiropractor is to free up this interference in order to enable the body to perform its function of self-healing.

He recommended we check out Click on "Fibromyalgia" and read about how Dr. Johnson (and Dr. Hancock) treats this complicated syndrome and listen to Dr. Johnson's video. They really DO understand!

Now about his weight loss! Dr. Hancock has come across a safe and fast diet, where he lost 60 pounds! 40 pounds of it in 6 weeks! And has kept it off for months! This system uses a combination of homeopathic herbs in a bottle as a supplement to assist the body while you consume a mere 500 calories of food per day! He says it sounds hard, but in fact it is quite easy...he invites you to click on to read his story and find out more.

Dr. Kevin Hancock can be reached by calling 574-271-1111
or you can visit him at 6910 North Main St., Granger, 46530 (the corner of Cleveland and Main St.)