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Fibromyalgia, Stress and HeartMath

The October Mishawaka Fibromyalgia Support Group's speaker was Diana Tice, a Licensed HeartMath Provider. What is HearthMath, you ask? In essence, HearthMath is a stress-relieving program where we can learn to relieve stress as we are experiencing it - to relieve stress in mid-stress! What a concept!

Knowing that our bodies are chronically stressed just by being chronically ill, and knowing that any emotional stress that comes tripping our way, great or small, can have a huge impact on our pain, this concept of HeartMath was a no-brainer to find out more!

HeartMath is an entire program consisting of a 5 week learning program which combines instruction from a Licensed Instructor like Diana right here in the area, or video program available on-line, quizes, worksheets and the award-winning emWave Technology.

Diana was able to give us only a brief "taste" of this amazing program, showing us a few of the tools and techniques to see what HeartMath is all about. She began by passing around handouts, the first of which described HeartMath as "the only scientifically-validated system of stress intervention techniques, and objective biofeedback that quantifialby- and dramatically - boosts the health and performance of individuals and organizations." In a nut shell, this program has been scientifically proven to help relieve stress, and by using their emWave devise or software it can display instant biofeedback and show you right away how much your stress factor has lowered as a result of the program.

Christine Northrup, author of Women's Bodies,Women's Wisdom, states, "HearthMath is the owner's manual we've been waiting for to help us recognize and use our heart's energy to help heal our bodies and our lives."

HeathMath's easy-to-learn, easy-to-use tools include techniques such as Neutral, Quick Coherence, Heart Lock-IN, Freeze Frame, Attitude Breathing, Authentic Communicating, Heart Mapping and In-Betweens.

She shared with us the "Neutral" tool to first. She asked us to breathe - long, slow, easy breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. THEN, visualize that belly breath flowing through your heart - in and out. In through the front of your chest, front of your heart, and out through the back - slowly, deeply. Breath in through your heart and out through your back. We did this for several minutes. I must say it was very relaxing and soothing. This can be done anywhere, anytime. In traffic, in the grocery store, waiting for kids to get ready for school, waiting for someone who's late, when frustrated with bills, or people, or things or time constraints or anything, anytime, anywhere. This is called the "Neutral" tool, bringing one to a neutral position in your thinking. This is key.

In my book Fibromyalgia Basics, page 108, I quote Drs. William and Carey of the University of Michigan HealthSystem in 2003. Here it is again. "Pain is associated with negative emotions such as sadness, frustration and irritability. When people are in pain and also have these emotions, the pain becomes worse. That is because these emotions are processed in the same side of the brain, as pain. Research has shown that pain decreases when people experience more positive emotions."

So the idea here is to switch from one side of the brain to the other - via emotions of compassion, gratefulness, love, etc. - in order to help ease pain, become more balanced, calm and stress-free.

Researcher, author and founder of the Heart Math Institute, Doc Childre "discovered that a positive attitude brings stress-relief only temporarily, but by engaging the heart, positive feelings can create stress relief that not only lasts, but actually reverses the physical damages of stress." He says that when people consciously shift to appreciation, gratitude, compassion, a feeling of love for another, a pet, God's natural world, etc, there is a measurable, scientifically proveable, cascade of neural, hormonal and biochemical events that benefit the entire body! Blood pressure normalizes, stress hormones plummet, the immune system is boosted, anti-aging hormones increase and we regain clarity, calmness and control. All this is physiological, immediate, and can be measured! *

This action turns out to be another tool. Engaging the heart with a deep emotion in this fashion, while practicing the "Normal" tool of "breathing through the heart" is the next tool called "Quick Coherence."

In fact, one member of our group gave an example where she could actually see the heart monitor change when she went to visit a friend in the hospital. Her friend was noticeably worried and upset about her condition, laying in the hospital bed hooked up to machines and IV's. When our member walked in, she began fretting and venting telling her how bad she felt and scared she was. But when she was asked about her cat, Lily, and they began talking about her, the heart monitor (her heart reading) instantly began to calm down and become much more even and steady. This is instant stress-relief!

A test had been done by the HeartMath Group measuring stress levels and the immune system. They took a swab of the inside of the mouths of group of people experiencing stress. After applying the HeartMath techniques including a video of Mother Theresa, another swab was done. Without question, their immuglobulin was UP, showing greater immune support, than when first taken.

The last tool Diana showed us was the "In-Betweens." This uses the first two tools, on purpose, on a steady, regular basis throughout the day, in between other activities - when waiting for the water to boil on the stove; when waiting on hold on the telephone; when waiting for someone to make up their mind; etc. In other words, the In-Betweens talks about deliberately utilizing your heart to create a loving moment, regularly throughout the day. "When you send loving feelings to another, or the planet, or self, you are acivating hormones and neurotransmitters that benefit and re-vitalize your personal system.This tool also helps clear out much of the 'under-chatter' that mechanically happens to all of us." ** This is like the monkey mind that has us repeating and re-living the what-if's and if-only's - a viscious circle that gets us nowhere but a ride down the stress chute! Imagine...deliberately sending out love from your heart 2 or 3 minutes, several times a day or more...this concept could literally change the world.

In the words of the Institute of Heart Math, "A change of heart is key to transforming the effects of stress."

At the end of her talk, Diana read several inspiring quotations from three books. Then using the special emWave technologyn on her computer she asked for volunteers to come and see their heart rate change as they changed the picture on the screen! This was truly awesome. All we had to do was slip our finger into the digital pulse reader and watch a black and white screen on her monitor as it began to glow with color as we thought loving thoughts! Amazing! Then we could read the heart monitor as to what happened. It is quite an experience. We could actually see the change in heart rate as we thought loving thoughts.

It was a very enlightening evening and we thank Diana for her time and generous sharing.

*Granger Gazette, March 2009
**Handout printed for us by Diana. (For providers -online)

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Diana Tice
Licensed HeartMath Provider at Expanding Horizons
phone: 574-293-2713
cell: 574-370-4917

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Fibromyalgia and Nature's Sunshine

Hi Everyone!
Our speaker for September's Mishawaka Fibromyalgia Support Group, was Donna Horner, of Baby Girl Herbs. Donna is a Certified Natural Health Professional who studied in Warsaw, IN and Indianapolis.

Her first experience with the power of natural healing and herbs was with her Golden Retriever, Baby Girl, who had had cancer. The cancer treatments were so hard on the poor thing that she was extremely weak and sickly during the whole ordeal and suffering terribly. When a friend said that this wasn't necessary, and she could feel much better, Donna said, "Yes, do it!"

The herbs that were given began working within a day. Baby Girl was beginning to look and feel better. She was up and moving around, and happy. Although Baby Girl still had cancer and was failing, her quality of life was so very much better, that Donna began looking into the world of herbs, not only for animals - pets of all kinds - but also for people. She studied and became certified and now is very happily helping people and pets live fuller, healthier and happier lives. She uses them for herself, her pets and her rescue dogs too.

In working with people, whether you have a stomach issue, a nasty cold or a chronic illness, her goal is to help achieve your optimum health and the state of well-being that you deserve. She works one-on-one with you following a completely thorough consultation. She will NEVER ever, tell you to stop taking your prescriptions, but she will tell you what the prescrition may be depleting in your system. And then she works with you to help rebuild that system back to as close to normal as possible.

If you have concerns about your immune system with the winter weather coming on, she has a superb immune booster, called The Ultimate Green Zone by Nature's Sunshine, which can fortify your system and help keep the winter nasties down to a bare minimum! In fact this particular combination of herbs can help you in many ways. She works mostly with Nature's Sunshine products, but others, such as Carlson's and Solar Ray are in her inventory as well. She will use the most appropriate supplement or combination she feels would be the most helpful for YOU personally.

She also spoke about the chemicals that those of us with Fibromyalgia often react negatively to. Chemicals like dyes, heavy metals, food colorings, fillers, aspartame, msg, nitrates and more not only affect us, but those with ADHD, migraine headaches, muscle pain , arthritis and much more. One place you'll find a lot of these fillers, dyes, msg, aspartame, etc chemicals is in your every day multivitamin! Read the labels! You may be reacting badly to a simple vitamin that is supposed to be helping you! She carries a wonderful herbal multi, you may like to try .

She also uses Silver Shield from Nature's Sunshine, a Coloidal Silver which helps the immune system and helps pull out a lot of those negative chemicals from your system!

She uses Probiotics and intestinal healing herbs, for many because she's found that many illnesses start in the gut! Once the gut is free and clear and healthy, many other symptoms are helped along the way!

She often helps other's using Carlson's fish oil, magnesium and malic acid, antioxidants, and of course her herbal combinations specific to you and your system. Thai-Go and Noni Juice, both powerul antioxidants, and more, are in her arsenal as well.

For those with chronic illnesses, she reminds them that "the illness in not who they are, it is what they are dealing with." And they can deal with it in so many ways. She can help by using "God's pharmacy" - natural healing herbs.

If you have an ailing or aging pet, she can help also!

"Baby Girl Herbs will conduct a one-hour consultation to evaluate your health history and concerns. A customized program that addresses your individual needs will be researched and formulated. Baby Girl Herbs will walk with you every step of the way on your path to optimum health and well-being."

Consultation fee: $30. (This one hour is a lot longer than any visit to a doctor's office.)

Contact info:
Baby Girl Herbs
Donna Horner, M.A.
574-255-5202 or 574-370-2030

Please visit and type "Baby Girl Herbs" (with caps) into the search box and "friend" her page. It would be most appreciated! *:)